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Addiction Treatment Therapy – Linden

Addiction treatment therapy refers to a number of various treatment therapies that are used to address the psychological aspects of addiction. Therapies occur in group, individual, and family settings and help bring self-awareness to the patient surrounding the addiction as well as help patients learn to replace harmful thoughts and behaviors with healthy ways of thinking and behaving.

Addiction treatment therapy is also used to address any co-occurring mental illnesses or secondary addictions that may have resulted from the primary addiction. Call Drug Treatment Linden at (908) 329-2159 for more information.

Categories of Addiction Treatment Therapy

Addiction treatment therapy falls into four main categories.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps patients become aware of their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors and identify those that are destructive. They learn skills and strategies for replacing these thoughts and behaviors with healthier ones, and they learn coping skills for stress and triggers to help prevent relapse once treatment is complete.
  • Family therapy helps restore function in the household. Families learn healthy and effective ways of communicating, and together, they work through various issues that may have contributed to the addiction.
  • Motivational interviewing helps patients identify and embrace their own reasons for wanting to break an addiction. This is particularly important for those who don’t have much interest in recovery or sobriety.
  • Motivational incentives provide patients with rewards, such as vouchers or cash, for staying sober, meeting goals, and attending meetings.

Types of Treatment Therapies

A number of successful therapies, both traditional and alternative, have been developed to help treat the psychological aspects of addiction. The more varied the treatment therapies, the more holistic the treatment will be, addressing issues of the spirit and mind as well as the body.

  • Art therapy provides patients with a creative outlet for communicating their experiences and emotions. Art therapy helps patients fill time with productive pursuits, relieves stress, and promotes healthy communication.
  • Restorative yoga fosters mental and physical balance and flexibility through body poses that are guided by the breath. Part exercise and part meditation, restorative yoga relieves stress, promotes self-awareness, and lends itself to a healthy overall lifestyle.
  • Biofeedback is an alternative therapy that teaches patients techniques to control involuntary body responses to stress, such as using progressive relaxation to relieve muscle tension and deep breathing to lower blood pressure.
  • Meditation promotes self-awareness and helps patients see a bigger picture. Meditation is an excellent stress reliever, and it helps patients ride out cravings.
  • 12-Step programs complement treatment therapies by providing patients with a venue to discuss what they’ve learned and share experiences and resources. These and other similar programs promote a high level of personal accountability and enable patients to forge healthy relationships with others in recovery.

The Principles of Effective Treatment

The Principles of Effective Treatment have been developed through years of research into what makes a treatment program successful. The Principles are 13 statements that treatment centers should embrace to ensure the effectiveness of their programs. These include the statements that:

  • Addiction is a highly complex but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior, and while there is no cure for it, treatment can send it into remission.
  • There is no single treatment therapy that will benefit every patient.
  • Staying in treatment for an adequate amount of time is essential for improving the chances for long-term recovery.
  • Many patients being treated for addiction also have a co-occurring mental illness that requires separate, but integrated, treatment.
  • Treatment should be holistic, comprised of various different therapies that address a number of issues surrounding the addiction.
  • Detoxification only addresses the physical aspects of addiction, and treatment therapies are essential for treating the more complex psychological issues behind the addiction.

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